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Here at Old Cleeve, we are moving forward from the pandemic following the NCETM Curriculum Prioritisation for our teaching of mathematics. This method of teaching and learning gives us the opportunity to prioritise the curriculum more specifically for the children in our classes. Enabling us to efficiently identify and address gaps in key knowledge and skills following sustained provision of online learning. 


Our aim is to teach core concepts deeply so that children are able to retain and apply their mathematical knowledge as they progress through their education. 


We strive to give children a great growth mind-set in every area of the curriculum so that they strive to challenge themselves and give any learning their best go.


We want all children to achieve and have a positive experience during their mathematics lessons here at Old Cleeve.


Children who grasp concepts rapidly will be further challenged with rich reasoning and problem-solving challenges before any acceleration of new content.


For our calculation progressions please see the separate link in the parent section.


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