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Teddy Bears' Nursery

At Teddy Bears the children enjoy a wide variety of activities. Songs and rhymes are part of the daily routine both during group time and free play. We use number rhymes to encourage the children to recite number names, look at numerals and using their fingers to represent different numbers. We also do small group activities with numbers.  Free play provides children with time to talk to other children and adults as well as using talk within their play as a running commentary and helping them to talk and think through ideas. We are encouraging the children to become more independent by proving encouragement, support and praise.  We are introducing the children to different areas of the school by going on walks around the grounds. Each half term we have a different ‘talk for writing’ story. We plan activities around the story. We provide opportunities for children to explore and experience a wide range of creative media e.g. painting, messy play, dough, clay, dancing, singing and musical instruments.

They play inside and out daily, with water and sand in both areas. We have a new climbing frame and soft play surface for them to explore and enjoy.

We do hand writing and a variety of small group activities. We do phase 1 letters and sounds with the children.

We have Mrs Napper in once a week to do music with the children, where they explore the sound that instruments make, sing rhymes and learn songs.

We offer fundamentals on a Wednesday morning for a weekly fee. This is PE for young children and they really enjoy it.