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Parent Family Support Advisor (PFSA)

Sue Burt - PFSA


What is the role of a Parent & Family Support Adviser?


- To enable children to gain maximum benefits from education


- To work in partnership with home and school to help your child reach their full potential


- To work closely with other professionals where necessary or to direct you to other services which may be of use


– To be there to listen to you or your child if you are

experiencing difficulties


All families go through difficult times.  This can affect children’s ability to do well at school.


I can help you by advising and working with you on issues such as:

√  Building a partnership   between home and School

√ Behaviour (in and out of school)

 √ Parenting Concerns

√ Family Issues

√ Emotional Wellbeing 

√ Healthy Eating

√ Attendance at School

√ Signposting e.g. Housing

√ Budgeting

√ Feeling Isolated

 √ Support for parents/carers   who want to go back to

 work or education


You can contact me through the school office, on my mobile 07807015236 or email

I can meet families in their own homes, at school or somewhere else. 


Supporting Families with children at; Danesfield Middle,

Knights Templar, Old Cleeve & St Peters First Schools.


I am also available during the school holidays.

Information about our Parent Family Support Advisor