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Pupil Premium

“The Premium can act as a focal point as schools plan and put in place the strategies that will help their students succeed” - Sir Kevan Collins
(Education Endowment Foundation)

Pupil Premium is funding directed to schools specifically to support pupils who are, or have been, in receipt of free school meals, children of armed forces families and children who are looked after by the local authority. Our school is committed to supporting all pupils but especially those pupils who are deemed to be at a disadvantage educationally. We have a good track record of supporting pupils who need that support the most and we will continue to target this funding at areas of disadvantage to ensure that all children can achieve


At Old Cleeve Church of England First School we target the use of Pupil Premium Grant funding to ensure that our disadvantaged pupils receive the highest quality of education and bespoke programmes of support, ensuring they progress both academically and emotionally. Our vision for all pupils is for them to achieve, thrive, care and belong. Our intention is for them to become happy, active and socially responsible citizens who have choices for their own futures. We recognise that disadvantaged children can face a wide range of barriers which may impact on their learning.


Our ultimate objectives are to:


  •     Remove barriers to learning created by poverty, family circumstance and background
  •     Narrow the attainment gaps between disadvantaged pupils and their non-disadvantaged counterparts both within school and nationally
  •     Ensure ALL pupils are able to read fluently and with good understanding to enable them to access the breadth of the curriculum
  •      Develop confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in a wide range of contexts 
  •      Enable pupils to understand their plethora of emotions and learn strategies to self regulate and communicate their feelings, wants and needs age appropriately.
  •      Access a wide range of opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world
  •     For ALL children to feel valued, loved and heard so they can achieve, thrive, care and belong