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At Old Cleeve C of E First School we use a book based approach to underpin our curriculum. These high quality texts support the curriculum in each of the year groups from Foundation Stage all the way to Year 4. We aim to immerse children in a literary world, creating strong levels of engagement and provide meaningful contexts for primary English.


We follow Read Write Inc (RWI) for phonics teaching.  Children are assessed on a regular basis and taught in groups based on their stage of reading. Children follow the RWI programme from Reception upwards, with the aim to exit during Year 2.  


 KS2 English 


 In KS2, our curriculum is book-based. The aim of our curriculum is to focus on high-quality texts to inspire our children to develop good awareness and use of key English language features and to inspire their creativity. We follow the OA Canon, which has been adopted across all schools within the trust. The aim of the canon is to ensure that all pupils are given access to a wide variety of texts, including:


  •  Plays/Drama
  • Origins of Storytelling 
  • Power and Conflict 
  • Poetry and Performance 
  • 19th Century Literature


  Each unit is focused on a central text, with further enrichments texts to support development and learning of key concepts and ideas. Each unit has a particular writing focus:

  • Persuasion
  • Entertainment
  • Information
  • Poetry

Over the course of the unit, children become familiar with the text and focus on identifying core language features which exemplify the writing focus. We emphasise that these language features are used to create an excellent piece of writing. At the end of the unit, children are given the opportunity to produce a final write. At Old Cleeve, we want children to write for a purpose, so children are given opportunities to produce writing linked to other curriculum subjects, to further enhance their learning and understanding. 

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KS2 English - Long Term Plan