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The Old Cleeve 25

 “I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness”. - John 10:10


As a staff we constantly reflect on what makes our school special and how we can emphasise and celebrate all that it is that makes an Old Cleeve child. Our passion is that as a school we cater for all pupils in so many different ways, celebrating the range of successful ways our children learn and succeed. So, after seeing something similar in another school and reflected with the National Trust '50 things', we have introduced the Old Cleeve 25. This is a pledge to our pupils that, by the time they leave our school, they will have had the opportunity to have experienced as many of the 25 things listed below as they choose to enrich their school life with! 


Children who join us in Station Class will have the most time to complete this list, but we promise to give every pupil the opportunity to complete as many as possible. Each child who joins the school will be presented with a book to keep that allows them to record the progress they make towards the Old Cleeve 25. The hope is that this will then become a treasured reminder of their time at school.

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Volunteer in the community
  3. Live a day as a person from history
  4. Meet an author and artist
  5. Learn to meditate and be mindful
  6. Be a country dancer
  7. Take part in an event at the community orchard
  8. Have a piece of art displayed in a gallery
  9. Camp out or spend a residential trip away from home
  10.  Visit a non-Christian place of worship
  11.  Travel to a major city
  12.  Learn a musical instrument
  13.  Represent the school
  14. Make a friend from a different background or country
  15.  Learn how to save a life
  16.  Meet and talk to people who help us
  17.  Use a saw, hammer and screwdriver
  18.  Grow fruit or vegetables and eat them
  19.  Learn a poem that really matters to you
  20.  Learn the school song
  21.  Write a prayer and read it aloud to an audience
  22.  Participate in a school performance
  23.  Fundraise for charity
  24.  Become an expert on a topic
  25.  Engage with the local environment