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Who's Who in School?

"Since God so loved us, so we must love one another" - 1 John 4 v11


At Old Cleeve the children are taught in single year groups by a class teacher with the support of experience teaching assistants. The children also receive music lessons from specialist teachers.

Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership 1 Mr Dan Perry - Headteacher SENDCO
Senior Leadership 2 Mr Paul Rushforth - CEO
School Office
Picture 1 Mrs Elizabeth Lynch - School Administrator
Picture 2 Mrs Becky Gallagher - Finance Officer
Picture 3 Mrs Sarah Cox - SEND Manager

Abbey Class

Abbey Class 1 Miss Jess Faulkner - Class Teacher
Abbey Class 2 Mrs Mag Hatton - HLTA & ELSA

Torre Class

Torre Class 1 Mr Hamish Manger - Class Teacher and PE lead
Torre Class 2 Mrs Karen Humphries - LSA
Torre Class 3 Mrs Marie Baker - Enquiry Teacher and English Lead
Torre Class 4 Mrs Lauren Nicholas - LSA (currently on maternity)

River Class

River Class 1 Ms Barbara Adams - Class Teacher and maths lead
River Class 2 Ms Sarah King - HLTA
River Class 3 Mrs Sian Milton - LSA
River Class 4 Mrs Kate Taylor - One to One LSA

Mill Class

Mill Class 1 Miss Sammy Conway - Class Teacher
Mill Class 2 Miss Katrina Burfield - Learning Support Assistant

Station Class

Station Class 1 Mrs Gemma Cody-Boutcher -Class Teacher / EYFS lead
Station Class 2 Mrs Lorraine Ward - HLTA
Station Class 3 Miss Sam Horn - One to One LSA

Teddy Bears Nursery

Teddy Bears Nursery 1 Mrs Alison Welsh - Nursery Teacher
Teddy Bears Nursery 2 Mrs Kirsty Cornish - Nursery Nurse
Teddy Bears Nursery 3 Miss Elizabeth Bradbury - LSA

Mid-day Supervisors

Mid-day Supervisors 1 Ms. Beverely Moss - senior MSA
Mid-day Supervisors 2 Mrs Sian Milton
Mid-day Supervisors 3 Mrs Sue Hewings
Mid-day Supervisors 4 Miss Elizabeth Bradbury
Mid-day Supervisors 5 Mrs Karin Lyder


Colleen Ahern

Premises Staff

Premises Staff 1 Mr Keith Hunt - Caretaker
Premises Staff 2 Ms Beverly Moss - Cleaner

After School Club Staff

After School Club Staff 1 Mrs Katrina Burfield
After School Club Staff 2 Ms Beverly Moss
After School Club Staff 3 Miss Elizabeth Bradbury

Music Teachers

Music Teachers 1 Helen Napper
Music Teachers 2 Alison Dedicoat


CHURCH AND COMMUNITY LINKS 1 Jess James - School Chaplain
CHURCH AND COMMUNITY LINKS 2 Chris Jelley - Story Walks