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Old Cleeve Choir

The Old Cleeve Choir is currently preparing for their performance at the West Somerset Sing Festival at the Regal later this summer. They have a variety of new songs for this term and children can access the songs and lyrics below.


Together - We are only learning the alto part

Together Alto Track

One moment, one people Lyrics

One moment One People (All voices)

One Moment One People Backing Track

'One moment, one people' lyric video - Sing Up Day 2019

Join singers around the world on 13 March for Sing Up Day. More info: This year we want to spread a positive message about the power of singing in a group and how singing and working together helps us build authentic connections with others.

Three Little Birds Lyrics

Three Little Birds Performance track in D

Three little birds (backing track) in D.mp3

Three Little Birds Harmony 1 - Echo track

Listen to the track it will play the part and then you will hear a ping this is when it is your turn to sing back what you have just heard.

Three Little Birds - Harmony 2 - Echo Track

(we are)Unstoppable Lyrics

(we are) Unstoppable performance track

(we are) Unstoppable backing track

'(We are) Unstoppable' lyric video (performance track) - Sing Up Day 2021

Join singers around the world on 30 June for Sing Up Day. More info: Words and Music by Emily Barden Illustration and animation by Ella Watson Become a Sing Up Friend (it's free) to take part and download '(We are) Unstoppable' (also free) today by visiting