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Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of serious weather conditions, such as heavy snow, it may be necessary to close the school for the safety of pupils and staff.

Early morning decision:

If county transport is not running, school may still open for the children who live locally if we have enough staff.

If the decision is made to close the school we will notify the the local radio stations and Somerset County Council - you can look on

We will also post a message on this website and also on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Bad weather during the day: 
If the weather deteriorates during the day, school may close early. If this is the case then the following will happen:

  • School transport will be re-arranged. All parents who use school transport will be contacted to ensure that there will be someone at home to meet them.
  • Other parents will be contacted by phone to ask them to collect their children.
  • If parents cannot be contacted, we will keep the children at school until someone can pick them up