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All young people – regardless of their background – should have the opportunity to develop the speaking and listening skills they need to access Further and Higher Education, secure employment and participate in lifelong learning.


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (L.A.M.D.A) provide an examinations board with graded examination structure to an international community. Their examinations cover communications (Verse and Prose, Speaking in Public, Reading for Performance), Performance (devising, mime, acting), Musical Theatre and Shakespeare. There are individual, duo and group options available within those subjects.


On their website, LAMDA states

“From the elocution examinations of the past to today’s practical communication and performance assessments, LAMDA’s examinations have provided each and every learner with the skills and the confidence to succeed in life.

The process of preparing for and succeeding in a LAMDA examination essentially helps learners, whatever their ages or aspirations, to develop a broad range of skills that will serve them throughout life. Across the range, our examinations develop a learner’s ability to:

  • read easily, fluently and with good understanding
  • expand vocabulary to improve powers of self-expression
  • improve confidence in speaking and listening
  • memorise and recall information
  • research and create persuasive formal presentations
  • create and defend arguments
  • engage in constructive informal conversation
  • work both on his/her own and participate as a member of a team.


At Old Cleeve our children benefit from speaking, listening and performing skills that can not only be used on the stage but also in everyday life. 


The individual examinations are accredited and recognised. Old Cleeve promotes this step by step approach to learning communication skills for life. Our children benefit from the structure and achievement that succeeding at these examinations give. Children who have been previously under confident, even scared, of drama and speaking, flourish and gain confidence as they achieve their goals.


Preparations for these exams are embedded in the school curriculum and the syllabus is delivered during curriculum time by a qualified teacher. Individual and group work gives each child in the school a taster of the examinations and allows achievement in a safe and secure environment. The group provides speaking and listening skills, plus a collaborative team approach. All Pupil Premium children and all children in Years 3&4 will take a LAMDA examination in their classes during the spring or summer term.


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