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Foundation Subjects


Science is not confined to the classroom; it is all around us and plays an essential part in our everyday lives. Science stimulates children’s natural curiosity and at Old Cleeve topics are covered in increasing depth and breadth as we challenge children's ability to hypothesise, plan and reason, whilst also aiming to retain their sense of wonder in the natural world.


Children are encouraged to ask questions, predict outcomes, observe and explore. They participate in a range of practical activities and so gain an understanding of the world around them, find out about themselves and other living creatures. Projects, experiments, trips and practical investigations capture children's imagination and natural enthusiasm for scientific discovery. 


At Old Cleeve we also hold themed, focused Science weeks, (last years was Healthy Eating) where we invite visitors to the school.



Music is an important part of life at Old Cleeve. Every child in the school is involved in regular musical activity, whether they are learning an instrument, playing in an ensemble, singing or whether it is through lessons as part of the curriculum. 


There are plenty of opportunities to perform too, from assembly time to informal concerts. We also have Music Days and workshops which involve visiting musicians or performing with other local schools; over the past years we have welcomed both local folk bands and a visiting Javanese Gamelan Orchestra. 


We believe that every child has the ability to develop artistic flare. Art lessons allow children to express themselves creatively whilst developing confidence and technical skills, frequently with stunning results that are proudly displayed throughout the school. Children explore the potential of various styles and use media such as clay, charcoal, watercolours and ink.  


Trips to galleries and exhibitions provide inspiration and visiting artists offer unique, specialist insights to deepen children's knowledge and understanding.


Design Technology

Learning through making works! Building on natural curiosity about how things work, Design Technology develops an understanding of design principles and their application using different materials. Projects in D.T. are covered in a block of time in a term. This allows children to be very focused in their designing, develop their skills with tools, experiment with a range of materials and then produce a finished product they are proud of.



The study of languages encourages curiosity about foreign countries, cultures and other people around the world. At Old Cleeve we believe that learning a foreign language can be a valuable educational, social and cultural experience. In years 3 and 4, French lessons build children's vocabulary and understanding and with the aid of traditional games, stories and songs, we aim to stimulate and encourage the children's interest in languages and lay the foundation for future language learning. 


The change to studying French instead of Spanish is in line with the other First and Middle schools of West Somerset where French is currently taught.



As part of our commitment to developing children as healthy, rounded individuals, all pupils take part in regular physical and sporting activities, from the traditional to the more modern and unusual.


As well as the school grounds we also have use of the village hall, local recreational field and Multi Use Games Area. We utilise these to develop children's sporting interests and abilities, whilst also ensuring that they are fit and active.  Lesson activities are designed to be fun, but challenging in order to ensure pupils make good progress physically, mentally and socially.


At Old Cleeve teaching of PE is supported by experienced specialist PE teachers who deliver a variety of sports and activities after school. These activities include multi skills, gymnastics, dance, athletics, judo, street surfing, archery and team games to name but a few!


Historical, geographical and social understanding

Historical, geographical and social understanding fires children's curiosity and imagination about who we are, where we come from, where we live and where we might be going next. It connects Britain's past with the present and the future, helps children make sense of our place in the world and is central to their development as informed, active and responsible citizens.