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Ethos and Values

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


Our Ethos statement


Recognising our historic links with Cleeve Abbey, Old Cleeve Church of England First School will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.


Our school aims to serve the community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.  We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experience we offer to all our children.


We aim to give each member of our school community an experience of Christian life and worship.



At Old Cleeve, the school community believes that our motto, Courage through kindness is how we live our school life. It is our firm conviction that the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff, in both enjoying and supporting the children to realise this aim, remains vital.


Our strap line A village school - a world of learning recognises the many strengths a close knit rural communtiy brings, whilst understanding the importance to educate our children about becoming global citizens in a wider world. Through our practice we are aligned with the Church of England's vision for education and embed Jesus' teaching in with our rich and varied curriculum.  “life – life in all its fullness” John 10:10


The Old Cleeve Way outlines clearly what is expected of all staff and children who are part of our school family.


  • Adopting a growth mindset where individuals believe that anything is achievable given the combination of hard work and support is fundamental to who we are as learners. If we have high expectations, the children will aspire to great things whatever their talents may be.


  • Being kind to each other and ourselves links in with the importance of mindfulness. Seeing yourself, and your happiness, linked to the wider community is incredibly rewarding and creates connections with the people around us.


  • We understand that courage is more than being brave. It is having the conviction to develop a strong sense of morals that guide what one does in life. It also recognises our position as citizens of a global community and as a school we are keen to minimise our impact on the environment. 


  • We keep learning through trying new things or rediscovering old interests. At Old Cleeve we pride ourselves on the range of extra curricular activities on offer and we are forming strong links in our local community and with other local schools.


  • We have chosen a number of the Christian Values that we value as a school community and we encourage all children to be tolerant and respectful to those of different faiths and beliefs. 


  • Learning new things makes you confident as well as being fun.

As well as our core values of kindness and courage which underpin everything that happens at Old Cleeve, we have developed a set of 12 Christian Values that shape our practice of education.


Our values will be reflected through:

  • The leadership and management of our school and the Old Cleeve Way 
  • Staff example and their use of moral language
  • The subjects of the curriculum
  • Collective worship
  • Learning
  • Teaching methods


Each half term we concentrate on a particular value in assemblies and lessons generally. These are set out in the table below:

What is a Kind School? 

A Kind School is one that has hosted a 52 Lives Kindness Workshop, and officially pledged to encourage a culture of kindness in their classrooms: including both kindness to ourselves and to others.

Kind Schools understand that kindness doesn’t happen in isolation, but ripples out of the classroom into homes, the local community and ultimately the world! 

Kind Schools see kindness not just as single acts, but as an attitude and approach to life that threads through everything we do and every interaction we have. 

Kind Schools understand the important role kindness plays in boosting children’s mental and physical health.

And finally….Kind Schools believe that ‘Kind’ is the most important thing a person can be.


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