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Collective Worship and RE

Collective Worship


At Old Cleeve we have daily collective worships, normally taking place either in the school hall or in classes. Each week, we celebrate children's achievements related to each of the Christian values. The staff look for children who display a particular value well throughout the week. We also celebrate children's achievements outside of school and encourage them to share extra curricular activities that they are proud of. 


At Old Cleeve we love to sing and each class has a weekly singing assembly and we also sing during our collective worships throughout the week. During class worships we read stories from the Bible, that have been carefully planned to give the children an overview of the important moral stories and parables from the Bible. Children are given the opportunity to reflect on their collective worship through evaluations and are always encouraged to add to their class reflections. We are also lucky to have special visitors attend our school worships meetings. 


Religious Education

At Old Cleeve C of E First School, we use Understanding Christianity and AMV to deliver Religious Education lessons. Understanding Christianity offers a coherent approach to teaching and learning about Christianity, in the wider RE curriculum. We also incorporate the Local Authority agreed syllabus for Religious Education “Awareness, Mystery and Value”, which gives children knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and other beliefs, festivals, and religious practices. In R.E. we encourage children to express a sense of awe and wonder and offer a high-quality religious education (RE) curriculum to teach a broad and balanced curriculum. At the heart of RE in church schools is the teaching of Christianity, rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ


Why RE Matters

The ability to understand the faith or belief of individuals and communities, and how these may shape their culture and behaviour, is an invaluable asset for children in modern day Britain. Explaining religious and non-religious worldviews in an academic way allows young people to engage with the complexities of belief, avoid stereotyping and contribute to an informed debate.



Understanding Christianity

Understanding Christianity has identified core concepts at the heart of mainstream Christian belief.  It sets out some knowledge ‘building blocks’, to clarify what pupils should know and understand about these concepts at each school phase. It provides a teaching and learning approach to unpack these concepts and their impact in the lives of Christians in the UK and the world today, making connections with the world of the pupils and their wider understanding. Understanding Christianity’s approach to teaching about Christianity builds up pupils’ encounters with these core concepts through biblical texts, placing the texts and concepts within the wider Bible story. Each unit addresses a concept, through some key questions, exploring core Bible texts, their impact for Christians, and possible implications for pupils. At the heart of RE in church schools is the teaching of Christianity, rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ.